Latitude 44 Construction Update

Latitude 44 Apartments is well on its way to becoming the newest apartment community in North Appleton. For over two weeks now, construction crews have been working hard to bring you L44. The progress is coming along nicely. The site has been dug, the footings for the first building are in, and the underground plumbing is almost finished, next step is framing! Things are really starting to come together at the site of Latitude 44 and so are the people whom will make up this community.

We have been working hard to get our community of residents built up alongside the building of the actual structure. The calls have been coming in and we’ve been meeting with potential renters. So far, both three-bedroom units in the first building are reserved and 2 of the 4 two-bedroom units are spoken for. As of today we still have 2, two-bedroom townhouse style apartments waiting for someone to call them “home.” Even though the three-bedroom units are full, do not fear as we have plans to start the next building soon. Once we have the last two-bedroom town-homes reserved we can start construction on the 2nd building! If you are currently interested in a three bedroom town-house style apartment, give us a call or send us an email. We want to work with you and will take reservations for the 2nd building as soon as the first one is filled!

Latitude 44 Apartments is going to be a great community to live in with an already great surrounding community. The construction crews are working hard to bring you the newest apartment community in North Appleton. Now is the time to reserve your new home at Latitude 44 Apartments!


Latitude 44 a Cypress Homes development – 920-734-2324

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Construction is Officially Underway at L44!

Latitude 44 Construction is Officially Underway

June 1st marked the official start to the building of Latitude 44 Apartments. After months of planning the official start of construction for L44 is underway. Last week the site was leveled off in preparation for the road being put in. Now crews are working to put the first section of North Latitude Lane in. Excavation for the first buildings foundation has also commenced!


This an exciting time for all of us here at Cypress Homes and we are all extremely excited to be able to bring you the latest apartment community to north Appleton. We are all working extremely hard to bring you Latitude 44 and cannot wait to see the first building completed! Once the first building is completed there will be six units available and we are already taking reservations! Now is a great time to get your new home reserved with our construction specials!

Construction has just begun at Latitude 44 and we are happy to bring you construction specials. The special that we are offering throughout the construction process or until all the units have been reserved, is choose your color package with a two year lease. As one of the first residents to be calling L44 home, we are offering you the opportunity to choose from one of four color packages for your new town-home. Options will include kitchen cabinetry colors, floor colors, and wall colors! We are also offering construction special pricing! We are currently offering our brand new two bedroom units for only $800 per month!

Now is the time to reserve your new home at Latitude 44 Apartments in north Appleton!

Latitude 44 a Cypress Homes development – 920-734-2324

Be sure to check back to L44 Life or L44′s Facebook page for community updates!

Latitude 44 Lot Preparation Began Today!

Today lot preparation began for Latitude 44 Apartments. This is the first step towards construction of L44. The scraping of top-soil began in order to level out the parcel of land in which L44 and Meridian Condos will eventually be built on. With the extra top-soil they will be constructing a berm, which will divide Latitude 44 and Meridian Condos. This is an exciting time of us here at Cypress Homes as this is the final step before actual ground breaking commences!

Call now and reserve your new home with construction special promotions!

Latitude 44 a Cypress Homes development – 920-734-2324

Be sure to check back to L44 Life or L44′s Facebook page for construction updates!