Latitude 44 Apartments NOW COMPLETE!

We have come a long way over the past two and a half years. The completion of building #9 marks the end of construction at Latitude 44 Apartments. New residents started to move in today and make L44 their new home. Building #9 has been completed a full two weeks early and we are excited to welcome the new tenants before the New Year.

We would like to that all of our current residents for your patience. It has been a long journey since we broke ground in the Spring of 2012. Many adjustments have been made along the way to make Latitude 44 Apartments like none other in the area. Below are photos from throughout the construction process at L44.

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Building 9 December 14

With the completion of building #9 Latitude 44 now consists of 52 total units that our tenants call home. In the spring of 2015 we will be finishing up some odds and ends like grass planting, landscaping repair and continued site improvements. Additionally in 2015 we will be working hard on tenant-management communication, making sure that we are as available and flexible as we can. Future plans for L44 include a landscaped fence behind building #8 & #9 between the two buildings and Prospera CU parking lot, adding additional guest parking spaces, future storage garages, and a final coat of black top throughout the complex. These are items to help continue to improve Latitude 44 as a community.

We are excited to kick off 2015 with all of our 52 units full, meaning the community of Latitude 44 is thriving! In 2015 we will host a number of events for our residents to encourage the community feel and lifestyle. 2015 will be all about the community of L44 and focusing on improving the lifestyle that is Latitude 44 Apartments!

If you are interested in becoming a resident at L44 follow the link to our Contact Us Page:

Latitude 44 Construction Update


Wow we really have come along way so far this year. We are in the final phase of construction! The final building, building #9 is really starting to come along!


The entire building has been framed up, trusses set, and sheeting for the roof has just been installed. Front sidewalks will be poured very soon. Shingles and siding are the next big step as far as exterior work goes. Then onto the inside.




Inside work work starts with rough-ins. Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC rough-ins need to be done before the entire building can be insulated. Once insulation has been put up it is time for windows, exterior doors, and drywall. Drywall is then covered with plaster. With the cool, dry, fall weather plaster can be dry and ready to be painted in just a couple days! The painters cover all windows and exterior doors before spraying out the entire unit. Sprayed on paint speeds up the painting process drastically in comparison to rolling it on and provides better coverage on the textured walls.



Once painting has been completed. We can start installing the flooring. During flooring installation we are also able to start the finish carpentry. Finish carpentry consists of trim, installing cabinets, and hanging doors. Once the finish work has been completed we will install the appliances, clean, and welcome in our new tenants!the flooring can be installed.

Building #9 is set to be completed by the end of 2014 and we will be welcoming in the new residents on January 1, 2015! If you are interested in joining us at Latitude 44 be sure to reserve your NEW home now. Only 4 units remain!

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L44 Construction In Final Stage

Latitude 44 is in the final phase of the construction process. Building #7 has been completed and we were able to welcome our new residents as of August 1st! We are happy to be in the final stretch of construction with building #8 ready to be painted and have the finishing touches installed. The FINAL building, building #9 has been started. We are on schedule to have all the buildings completed by 2015!

Building 8

Building 8 Progress

Building #8 has been coming along nicely this summer. This building will be a 6 unit townhouse, with each unit being a 3-bedroom. Siding is being completed, paint is going on the walls, next step is the finishes. We are on schedule to welcome our second to last group of tenants in October! We are also excited to announce that we have the building filled as far as tenants go and they are anxiously awaiting its completion!


The FINAL building, building #9 is ready to be framed up. We are hoping that we can get a stretch of nice dry weather in order to get all the walls up. Once completed building #9 will feature 6 townhouse style units, with all 6 being 3 bedrooms. Weather permitting this fall, we are expecting to welcome our final round of NEW tenants into building #9 on January 1, 2015! Still looking to fill some open units in the final building, do not miss you chance to Latitude 44 home!

Building 9

Building 9 Progress

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Construction Update

Event Center Now Open

Event Center

Latitude 44 is really starting to come together. The Event Center is now accessible and we are excited to open its doors to the residents of the Latitude 44 community*.  Equipped with a fitness room, office, reservable party room and bathrooms, the Event Center adds great amenities to your experience as an L44 resident.  Feel free to give us your feedback and let us know what you think of the fitness room.

Please note: The parking spaces located directly in front of the event center are for vehicles using the center. These spots are not intended for overflow parking.

*Residents, if you have not picked up a key for the Event Center and would like to use the fitness area please contact our office.

Construction Continues: Building 7 is Underway!

Building 7

We recently broke ground at the site of Building 7, a 6-unit townhouse with six 3-bedroom units. Reservations are now being accepted for this building. It is important to get on our list early as these units will fill up fast!

Stay tuned for more updates on the progress at Latitude 44!


Building #4 Complete

The time has finally come, this Friday is move-in day! We will be welcoming the residents of the new 8-unit building to the L44 community. It has been a long process, but we are excited to wrap up construction and hand over the keys to our newest residents just in time for the holidays!

Building #4 has six 3-bedroom units with a 2-bedroom ranch unit located on each end of the building.

The completion of Building #4 puts us one step closer to Latitude 44 being finished. Once finished there will be a total of 8 buildings in the community. Next up will be Building #7, a 6-unit complex with all 3-bedroom units.  Construction is tentatively scheduled to be completed in Spring.  Even though construction is still in the preliminary stages we are accepting reservations and already have three of the six available units reserved.  So if you or someone you know is interested it is important to get your name on the list!

Once again, we want to extend a warm welcome to the newest residents of the Latitude 44 community. It is extremely exciting to watch this amazing community grow and we cannot wait for what the future holds!



Welcome New Residents

As the construction on building #6 finishes that also means that new residents are moving into the community. There is nothing more exciting than welcoming new residents to this amazing community and watching it grow! Many of our new residents for building #6 moved in over the Labor Day weekend.


Building #6 adds 6 more units to the community with four 2-bedroom units and two 3-bedroom units. We are happy to announce that all of these units are rented, bringing in many new neighbors to the L44 community! Latitude 44 wants to extend a warm welcome to all of our new residents and we hope you enjoy your new home!


Be sure to check back to L44 Life or L44’s Facebook page for community updates!

Construction Update: Building #4, #6, Pool, Events Center

Latitude 44 has been a busy place the past few weeks. Keep reading to learn more about the construction going on at L44!

Recently, we’ve broken ground and started construction for building #4. Building #4 will be an 8-unit townhouse, with six 3-bedroom units and two 2-bedroom ranch units on the ends of the building. We are expecting to have this building completed by October. There is only 1 3-bedroom unit available, but both of the 2-bedroom ranch units are still open.


Construction on is moving along
nicely on building #6. The siding is going up and windows are being installed. Building #6
will be a 6-unit townhouse, with four 2-bedroom units and two 3-bedroom units. We are hoping to have this building completed by September. There are no units available for rent in building #6 at this time.

The pool has been poured and is in the final stages of completion. We expect to have it ready soon!


Construction on the events center is moving along smoothly. The framing for this building recently went up. The events center should be completed in no time!


Stay tuned for more updates on the L44 community!

L44 Construction Update: Building #6


Building #6 is coming along! Cypress Homes has been working hard and making a lot of progress in the construction of Building #6 in the past few weeks! The framing has been put up and it’s really starting to come together! We’re extremely excited to get Building #6 completed and welcome new renters to the L44 Community!

In other exciting news, the event center foundation has been poured and ready for the next step. Once building #6 is finished we can focus more time on the event center and it should be up in no time! It’s a long process, especially since we have so much going on in the L44 Community, but once construction is all complete it will truly be an amazing place to live!


A park, a pond, a pool, an event center, what more could you ask for? And it’s all conveniently located so that you don’t have to go far from home to enjoy these amenities!

Hurry up and call today to find out more information on available units!

Events Center & Pool

Latitude 44 is a unique housing complex, it’s a combination of a townhouse-style living but in an apartment community, it’s the best of both worlds. This is a growing complex, and now that there are several buildings completed and occupied by residents, it’s time to add some new amenities to the L44 community.

Construction has begun on the L44 Event Center and community pool, which will be located across from building #3. Below are pictures of what the event center and pool will look like.

Latitude-44-Pool-and-Event-Center_1-300x200 Latitude-44-Pool-and-Event-Center_2-300x200

The complex will also be adding a playground area for the kids, making it a great kid friendly environment! Below are some pictures of what the playground will look like when it is completed.playgroundplayground1


As you can see, it’s a busy time in the L44 community. Several new amenities are coming soon, so stick around to watch the community grow!

Construction Update: New Buildings

Buildings #1 & #2

With Building #3 finished, we are looking ahead to the next building! We’ve made some changes to our original Latitude 44 construction plan. Originally, we were going to begin construction on Building #4, which is located right next to Building #3. We’ve decided to postpone construction on Building #4 and begin construction on Building #6.

Building #6 will be a 6-unit townhouse, with four 2-bedroom units and two 3-bedroom units. We have already rented out three of the units! We currently have three 2-bedroom units available in this building. Construction should begin in May and we are tentatively planning on it being completed by August.

Building #4 will still be an 8-unit townhouse, with six 3-bedroom units and two 2-bedroom ranch end units. We currently have five 3-bedroom units and both 2-bedroom ranch units available to rent. We are expecting construction to begin early this summer and we hope to have this building completed by September.

If you are interested in one of our units, please call our office at 920-734-2324 to schedule a showing!

Buildings outlined in black are completed. Buildings outlined in gray are future buildings. Completion dates are subject to change.

Buildings outlined in black are completed. Buildings outlined in gray are future buildings. Completion dates are subject to change.

Latitude 44 is a Cypress Homes development.

Be sure to check back to L44 Life or L44’s Facebook page for community updates!