Festival Foods Fireworks

Independence Day marks the birth of our country and has always been a part of our summer festivities. In the Appleton community the largest celebration is held on the day before and Latitude 44 encourages all of Appleton’s residents to attend this free family fun event! The Festival Food Fireworks is more than just fireworks at dusk. The celebration for our country’s independence is held on July 3rd this year at Memorial Park.

The festivities begin at 5:00 pm and will continue well into the night concluding at 11 pm. This is a family friendly event and a chance for you to get out and to something together. There will be many booths and events set up for kids and adults alike. There will be music all evening leading up to the fireworks show. The world-class fireworks show will begin at dusk (approx. 9:20 pm)!

This event is brought to the Appleton area thanks to the Appleton Area Jaycees. They ask that you show your support and purchase food and beverages from their own food tent plus the other vendors on the grounds. This event is sponsored by Festival Foods, Community Credit Union, Associated Bank, and Famous Dave’s. Thanks to their support of this event and the Appleton Area Jaycees they are able to bring this family fun event to our local community.

Latitude 44 Apartments encourages all members of the community to come out and show your support of your Appleton Area Jaycees. This is a free family fun event! So pack up the family and attend this year’s Festival Foods Fireworks celebration!

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Independence Day Fireworks – Northeast Wisconsin

Independence day is just around the corner! This is a time for celebrating and hosting gatherings with friends and family. One of the best parts about the 4th of July is the fireworks. This year there is a growing concern about fireworks in the state of Wisconsin. With very dry conditions and no rain forecasted for the weekend, many counties are putting bans on lighting off consumer fireworks. Lighting off your own fireworks in the backyard can be fun, but it is also dangerous. With the dryer than normal conditions this year we recommend attending one of the multiple professional fireworks shows in the area!

Fireworks can be fun, but this 4th of July it is not worth risking a disaster. So we have put together a long list of professional firework shows in Northeast Wisconsin. All fireworks shows begin at dusk unless posted below:

Appleton – Tuesday July 3 at Memorial Park

Baileys Harbor – Wednesday July 4                            at Kendall Park

Bonduel – Wednesday July 4 at Village Park

Clintonville – Tuesday July 3 at Olen Park

Dale – Saturday June 30 at Daufen Park

Egg Harbor – Tuesday July 3 at Harbor View Park

Fish Creek – Saturday July 7 at Clark Park, 10pm

Fond du lac – Wednesday July 4 at Lakeside Park

Gillet – Wednesday July 4 at Zippel Park

Gills Rock - Wednesday July 4                at Bayshore

Green Bay - Wednesday July 4                at Leicht Park, 9:45 pm

Green Lake - Wednesday July 4              at Decon Mills Park

Iola – Tuesday July 3 at Taylor Field

Manitowoc - Wednesday July 4                at Washington Park

Mayville – Tuesday July 3 at City Park

Menasha - Wednesday July 4 at Jefferson Park

Neenah - Wednesday July 4 at Riverside Park

New London - Wednesday July 4 at Hatten Park

Omro - Wednesday July 4 at Scott Park

Oshkosh - Wednesday July 4 at Menominee Park, 9:45 pm

Princeton – Saturday June 30 at City Park

Shiocton – Wednesday July 4 on Main Street

Ripon – Tuesday July 3 at Murry Park

Shawano – Tuesday July 3 at Shawano Air Port

Sturgeon Bay – Wednesday July 4 at Sunset Park

Townsend – Wednesday July 4 at Football Field

Two Rivers - Wednesday July 4 at Walsh Field

Washington Island - Wednesday July 4 at Ballpark

Waupaca - Wednesday July 4 at South Park, 9:30 pm

Waupun – Tuesday July 3 at Tanner Park, 9:45 pm

Wautoma – Saturday June 30 at Fairgrounds

Weyauwega – Tuesday July 3 at Waupaca County Fairgrounds

Winneconne - Wednesday July 4 at Hwy 116 Bridge

*All fireworks shows begin at dusk unless noted otherwise.

With this many local cities putting on professional firework shows there is no need to purchase your own or to risk the potential danger that comes with lighting your own. So this year pack up the family and head out to one of the many great firework shows in the area! Latitude 44 would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Independence Day!

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Latitude 44 Apartments – Construction Update

Construction is well underway at the site of Latitude 44. In just a few shorts weeks the site has been dug, concrete has been poured, underground plumbing has been put in, and the framing is underway. We are right on our construction timeline and cannot wait for its completion!

There is even more exciting news to bring you from the site of Latitude 44, the first building has been officially leased up! Just this week we were able to find our last few residents needed to make up the residents for the first building. There is even better news to everyone else interested in Latitude 44 Apartments, we are proud to announce that we are now taking reservations for the second building!

The second building at L44 will feature six town-homes all being three bedroom floor plans! We have already been taking reservations and the calls have been coming in. Even though the second building will not be completed until early 2013 we already have three of the six units reserved! This is very exciting for all of us involved in the creation of this wonderful addition to the North Appleton community. We are proud that we are able to offer this great housing opportunity for Appleton’s residents!


Now is the time to reserve your new home at Latitude 44 Apartments in North Appleton!

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Appleton Area School District

The Appleton Area School District has a student body of over 15,000, making it the largest in the area. The Appleton Area School District is made up of 15 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, and 3 high schools. The district is also home to 15 charter schools! Living at Latitude 44 apartments means you will be able to give your children the opportunity to get the best education available!

Living at Latitude 44 Apartments you will be located within a great communityAppleton North High School is just across the street, while Fox Valley Lutheran High School (private school) is only a mile away! Both Appleton North and Fox Valley Lutheran offer the best education available for their students. They also have excellent College readiness ratings, being above the state average!

If it is a middle school you are looking for, Latitude 44 is districted for Roosevelt Middle School. Less than five minutes away from Latitude 44 ensures short bus rides to and from school. Other middle school options include Einstein, Madison, and Wilson. Take your pick with open enrollment, moving to Latitude 44 might just mean that your child can stay in the same school with the same friends or have to opportunity to try a new school and build new relationships!



The Appleton Area School District offers the best education available in the area, along with multiple choices in schools for parents to choose from to take their children to. If you are looking for an Elementary school, then you are in luck. Appleton Area school district is home to fifteen elementary schools! Latitude 44 is located within the Huntley School District. If that is not your first choice then consider one of the other fourteen Elementary Schools in the Appleton Area School District!

No matter the age of your child or the type of education you are looking to provide them with, there are plenty of options for your family. Living at Latitude 44 Apartments will ensure a great education for any youths, but also the flexibility to send your child where you like. Whether you choose public, private, or a charter school the Appleton Area has a school for your child to find their place while calling Latitude 44 Apartments home.

Now is the time to reserve your new home at Latitude 44 Apartments in north Appleton!

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Badger Sports Park- Fun for All!

Latitude 44 is located within a hub activity which makes it a great place to live in north Appleton. Appleton was recently voted the sixth best city to raise a family in the United States! One of the reasons why this is true is all the family friendly attractions in the area. Latitude 44 is conveniently located near one of the best family fun facilities in the area, Badger Sports Park!

Badger Sports Park is a great place for families but it also a great place for busy adults. They offer a great time for any team, a group of friends, the whole family, or busy co-workers. Badger Sports Park has everything you need, whether you have 10 people or 400 people. Badger Sports Park offers a wide variety of team building packages for any company or team. They offer everything from a high end professional half-day team building exercise program, a corporate party retreat or a simple option like a game of mini golf just to give your team a break! Badger Sports Park is also a great place to throw a birthday party!places in Appleton to take the whole family for a day of fun and family bonding. Located just north of hwy 41 it is just a few short miles from Latitude 44. Badger Sports Park offers a wide variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Year-round attractions include Lasertron Laser Tag, Badger Inflatable Arena, Mini-Bowling, and a giant Game Room. Seasonal attractions at Badger Sports Park include an 18-hole Mini Golf course, Go-Karts, and Batting Cages! This is a safe and family friendly environment that is sure to please all who visit. With Badger Sports Park just minutes from Latitude 44 there is always something for the whole family to enjoy.

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So whether you are just looking to blow off some steam, a group of business professionals looking to strengthen your team, or a family looking for some fun for the whole family, Badger Sports Park caters to any Appleton resident!

This community that is Latitude 44 Apartments is only strengthened by the surrounding north Appleton community. It is this strong sense of community that makes L44 different, it turns a town-house into a home. The community of Latitude 44 is growing and now is the time to call L44 your home!

Now is the time to reserve your new home at Latitude 44 Apartments in north Appleton!

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5 Advantages of Apartment Living

There can be many advantages to living in an apartment complex like Latitude 44. Here are just five advantages to think about when considering renting versus buying or building your own home.

1. Zero Maintenance

As a renter you do not have the responsibilities that a home owner would. When the dishwasher is broke or the sink is backed up you do not have to worry about it. All that you are responsible for is letting your landlord know that something is broke. If you are a home owner and the stove breaks, you have to either buy a replacement or find someone to fix it and pay them. Either way the money to fix the multitude of things that can go wrong within a home comes directly from the home owner’s pocket. Also as a renter you do not have to worry about mowing the lawn or planting and trimming shrubs. In an apartment complex the landlord usually takes care of all of it. This also includes driveway, sidewalk, and curb maintenance. If you are not a handy individual do not worry because by living in apartment there is no need!

2. Amenities

When considering buying a home or building a home, you always want to get the most from your money and that means the more amenities the better. Rental communities usually offer a variety of amenities depending on the community. Most will have offer washer and dryer units wither within the unit or in a common area that renters share. Other amenities may include a fitness center, a pool, playground equipment, and in some cases even offer community activities! Besides having amenities within your apartment community, it is common for apartment communities are close to many other attractions. They may be close to local shops, a bus line, grocery stores, and your job or potential jobs. Living within an apartment complex can save you time and money when taking into consideration the amenities that are included versus owning your own home.

3. Flexible Living

Choosing to rent an apartment is a great way to remain flexible. Buying a home is a huge investment and everyone knows this and the last thing one wants to do is have to try and sell their home every couple of years. By renting an apartment you can easily pack up and move onto the next town, next job opportunity, or into a new complex. Leases can range from month to month, one year, or up to three. As a renter this flexibility in leasing options allows you to be a flexible business professional or individual. Being able to pack up and move once a lease has been to term is one of the greatest advantages of renting an apartment.

4. Secure Community

Depending on where you live safety may be an issue. Apartment complexes are generally a pretty safe place to live. The level of security varies depending on the complex or community that you live in. Many apartment communities are gated or have security that patrols the complex on a regular basis. Even if security is not this tight, residents generally know who is supposed to be in the complex and who is not. Just living within this type of community brings added security. In comparison home security can be very costly, but security comes with an apartment community. Being part of an apartment community not only brings security, but it allows the opportunity for you to become part of the community.  A wide variety of people live within an apartment community and becoming part of this cohesive community may give you more opportunities than living in your own home where you are closed off. Many apartment communities offer community activities for its residents to get to know each other better and become part of something.

5. Cost Effective

Choosing to rent can be more cost effective than owning your own home. As a renter you do not have to pay property tax, you do not have to pay for maintenance, and you do not have to pay the interest that comes with a home loan. Most monthly rent is actually lower than your typical house payment! This gives you an opportunity to save a bunch of cash each month. Renting does not have the risk that buying a home includes, but it also does not have the reward of good resale in a good market. Even if renting is just short term it may give you the opportunity to save up to buy or build your ideal home!

Whatever your reason is, renting may just be the best way to live the lifestyle that you want. These are just five reasons to consider renting versus buying your own home or condo. Apartment living can be very rewarding and more practical for many people compared to buying a home. Be sure to look at all you options when choosing your next residence and consider living in an apartment community like Latitude 44!

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Latitude 44 Construction Update

Latitude 44 Apartments is well on its way to becoming the newest apartment community in North Appleton. For over two weeks now, construction crews have been working hard to bring you L44. The progress is coming along nicely. The site has been dug, the footings for the first building are in, and the underground plumbing is almost finished, next step is framing! Things are really starting to come together at the site of Latitude 44 and so are the people whom will make up this community.

We have been working hard to get our community of residents built up alongside the building of the actual structure. The calls have been coming in and we’ve been meeting with potential renters. So far, both three-bedroom units in the first building are reserved and 2 of the 4 two-bedroom units are spoken for. As of today we still have 2, two-bedroom townhouse style apartments waiting for someone to call them “home.” Even though the three-bedroom units are full, do not fear as we have plans to start the next building soon. Once we have the last two-bedroom town-homes reserved we can start construction on the 2nd building! If you are currently interested in a three bedroom town-house style apartment, give us a call or send us an email. We want to work with you and will take reservations for the 2nd building as soon as the first one is filled!

Latitude 44 Apartments is going to be a great community to live in with an already great surrounding community. The construction crews are working hard to bring you the newest apartment community in North Appleton. Now is the time to reserve your new home at Latitude 44 Apartments!


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Downtown Appleton Farm Market

Farmers markets are a great way to get healthy, fresh, and local produce. Appleton is home to one of the largest farmers market in the greater Fox Valley. The Downtown Appleton Farm Market is a great way to show your support for our local growers and other vendors, just minutes from Latitude 44 Apartments!

The Downtown Appleton Farm Market is more than just a place to get fresh produce. There are more than 140 different vendors that sell fresh fruits & vegetables, exotic meats & cheeses, breads & baked goods, specialty food & handcrafted items along with live music. It is a great place to spend any Saturday morning! The farmers market allows local vendors to get their products and names in front of the Appleton community.  Appleton has a strong local business community and by attending and buying from the farmers market you are supporting the local economy directly! With the farmers market being centrally located in Downtown Appleton, it is just a short drive from anywhere in the greater Appleton area.

The Downtown Appleton Farm Market is more than your typical farmers market. It stretches along College Avenue from Appleton Street to Durkee Street, plus Houdini Plaza!  Not only do you have all the vendors to check out along the way, but also local shops and restaurants along the way. This is an awesome event that occurs every Saturday from June 16-Oct. 27, 8am-12:30pm. Rain or shine! This weekend will mark the first outdoor farmers market this year in Downtown Appleton and will feature:

DOWNTOWN APPLETON ART MARKET: featuring art & craft media produced by hand &/or light machine & includes jewelry, paintings, ornaments, sewing, ceramics, furniture & more!

JUST ACT NATURAL GREEN MARKET: This event features products that help reduce, reuse & recycle the earth’s resources!

These two special sets of vendors will be showcased the third Saturday of each month throughout the summer at the Downtown Appleton Farm Market.

The Downtown Appleton Farm Market is definitely worth checking out. Take the whole family and enjoy supporting our local economy. Latitude 44 is proud to be a part of this great local community and supports buying local!

Now is the time to reserve your new home at Latitude 44 Apartments in North Appleton!

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62nd Annual Appleton Flag Day Parade

This year marks the 62nd running of the historic Appleton Flag Day Parade. This year is especially important since the parade route is returning to its traditional route. This is a great historic event for the whole family just minutes from Latitude 44!

The annual Appleton Flag Day parade is the longest running Flag Day parade in the country. The first Flag Day Parade in Appleton was held in 1950 and thanks to the Appleton Elks Club’s decision to honor the U.S. Flag with a community parade, we have this historic event! Each year the parade showcases a branch of the military with this years being the United States Coast Guard.  One high ranking official from the showcased branch is then chosen to be the parade marshal.

This year’s parade marshal will be Rear Admiral Michael Parks. He is the operational commander of the Ninth Coast Guard District. The parades Grand Marshall will be the United States Flag. Every year the flag has been the Grand Marshall and this year is no exception. This is a great event that we are proud to have in our community to honor our country’s military.

The Appleton Flag Day Parade is all about showing our gratitude for our country’s military. All branches of the military will be represented in the parade. The parade will feature military units and military marching bands from throughout the nation — and will include about 100 total units displaying patriotic themes. Units will consist of veterans’ organizations, scout troops, patriotic floats, decorated vehicles, walking units, along with marching bands. A special guest this year is the New Orleans Ceremonial Band who will be “on the march” in this year’s parade from the Marine Corps.

This is a great local event that is fun for the whole family. Just so you do not miss out, the parade route is to start at the corner of Oneida St., and Wisconsin Ave.Then heads West on Wisconsin Ave. to State St. Turning South on State St. to College Ave., then heads East on College Ave. to Drew St. where the parade will conclude. The fun will continue after the parade with special concerts and activities.

Latitude 44 is proud to be part of such a strong community and encourages everybody to come to the parade and show their support not only for the military but our community as a whole.  Get your FREE flag along the parade route before the parade from Pierce Manufacturing and 1550 WHBY!

Now is the time to reserve your new home at Latitude 44 Apartments in north Appleton!

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Construction is Officially Underway at L44!

Latitude 44 Construction is Officially Underway

June 1st marked the official start to the building of Latitude 44 Apartments. After months of planning the official start of construction for L44 is underway. Last week the site was leveled off in preparation for the road being put in. Now crews are working to put the first section of North Latitude Lane in. Excavation for the first buildings foundation has also commenced!


This an exciting time for all of us here at Cypress Homes and we are all extremely excited to be able to bring you the latest apartment community to north Appleton. We are all working extremely hard to bring you Latitude 44 and cannot wait to see the first building completed! Once the first building is completed there will be six units available and we are already taking reservations! Now is a great time to get your new home reserved with our construction specials!

Construction has just begun at Latitude 44 and we are happy to bring you construction specials. The special that we are offering throughout the construction process or until all the units have been reserved, is choose your color package with a two year lease. As one of the first residents to be calling L44 home, we are offering you the opportunity to choose from one of four color packages for your new town-home. Options will include kitchen cabinetry colors, floor colors, and wall colors! We are also offering construction special pricing! We are currently offering our brand new two bedroom units for only $800 per month!

Now is the time to reserve your new home at Latitude 44 Apartments in north Appleton!

Latitude 44 a Cypress Homes development – 920-734-2324

Be sure to check back to L44 Life or L44′s Facebook page for community updates!