Quarry Quest!

Quarry QuestDon’t miss out on all the action this weekend at Quarry Quest: An Earth Moving Experience! Quarry Quest is an exciting family learning event that is held at Michels Materials limestone quarry in Neenah, Wisconsin. The event provides an opportunity to educate the whole family about the mining and construction industries.

Quarry Quest is more than just an exciting family experience. This a learning opportunity and a great fundraising event. The fun begins with being able to take a tour a live working quarry, riding on and exploring gigantic construction equipment, and a whole host of hands on activities. Activities include prospecting for fool’s gold, mixing up a batch of concrete, and constructing a wall with bricks and mortar.

Family fun, educational experiences, and rides; all while raising money for children’s charities and the Environmental Education Fund throughout the community. Quarry Quest was an created in 1998 by a team of community organizations in order to help provide a better understanding of the construction and mining industries. The greater goal was to be able to educate the community while raising funds to give back to local community through local charities!

bca48a4e-3faa-491d-aa4e-f69d71861b9e-quarry-1Over the last 15 years the event has continued to grow as a great community event. It now includes more than 250 businesses and 1,000 volunteers in order put on the super successful event, each year. Over the last decade the event has attracted 200,000 people and raised more than $1,000,000 for local children’s charities and the Quarry Quest Environmental Educational Fund, which is dedicated to funding grants for classroom supplies, activities and field trips related to earth science, geology and construction.


Quarry Quest 2014 will be held on September 13th. The event kicks off at 9 AM and runs until 4 PM, with lots of activities all day long! This years activities include:

Cool Cranes
Take control of a giant crane for some exciting equipment action.

Diggin’, Dumpin’ an’ Liftin’
Here’s your chance to work the controls of a giant backhoe or loader (along with an experienced operator) and ride high above the quarry in a boom lift.

Cooking Up a City
Learn how to make concrete—watch it firm up right before your eyes.

Brick Laying 101
The original LEGO blocks! Construct a wall with bricks and mortar.

Jammin’ for Gems
Go on a treasure hunt for various colored gemstones. Dig up a buried treasure box with a special surprise inside.

Jewelry Jamboree
Make your own jewelry with these sparkling “stony gems.”

Prospecting for Fool’s Gold
Be a miner for a day—sift through sand for golden nuggets of pyrite! Find a gold coin for a special prize.

All these great activities listed above and so much more! Do not miss out on this years Seek It! Seek It! is a Quarry Quest challenge designed to promote some of the great sponsors that help make Quarry Quest happen. Complete the game card and turn it in at the TREASURE TREK activity on Sept. 13th for your chance to win a gift basket valued at $250! And while taking in all the excitement and adventure be sure to check out the Sand Sculpting, featuring Disney Themed Sculptures!

Quarry Quest is just a short drive from Latitude 44 and definitely worth the trip!


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