Construction Update At Latitude 44

Latitude 44 is coming along nicely. A lot of progress has been made over this past month and we are excited to see that all of our hard work is beginning to pay off!

The construction on building #6 is beginning to wind down. We have moved our focus to completing the interior of the building. Floors are being laid and cabinets are being installed, this has been a long process but it will surely be worth the wait! Building #6 is a 6-unit townhouse with four 2-bedroom units and two 3-bedroom units. We are in the home stretch and with continued hard work we expect building #6 to be completed and move-in ready by September 1st! This building filled up fast for there are no units available at this time, but luckily the completion of building #4 will follow shortly after.


A lot has changed at the site of building #4. The foundation has been poured and the framing process has begun! If the weather continues to cooperate with us we expect the rest of the buildings construction to move along quite smoothly. Building #4 is going to be an 8-unit townhouse, having six 3-bedroom units and two 2-bedroom ranch units that will be located on the ends of the building. As of right now there is only one 3-bedroom unit and one 2-bedroom ranch unit still currently available. We hope to have building #4 to be completed by October.

We are excited to share that the pool is in its final stages of being complete. The pool will be an awesome asset to have in the community, especially on those warm summer days. Construction on the pool is expected to begin wrapping up within the next few weeks and we can’t wait to open it up to the community!

The construction over at the events center has also been moving along rapidly. Framing has been completed and it has been roofed. As for the inside of the center, the windows have been installed and sheetrock has been hung. With continued hard work we hope to have the events center completed in no time!






Progress is being made everyday, so stay tuned for more updates on the L44 community!

The First Annual Mile of Music Festival

This year, the City of Appleton is kicking off something brand new- The first ever Mile of Music Festival! The festival is going to take place in downtown Appleton on College Avenue from August 8th-11th and will have a number of performances held at different venues. Thanks to many community partners and sponsors, most of the performances at the festival are free! The music that will be showcased at the festival is very diverse. There will be everything from head-banging rock, to country, to gospel, to folk, even jazz and R&B. Organizers want people of all backgrounds and ages to come out and enjoy their own unique style of music.

This is a unique music festival that brings over 100 singer/songwriters into the area and gives them the opportunity to showcase their talents to the public. There will be performances at more than 40 venues all conveniently located right on College Avenue.

The festival is not only about music, but also about giving back to the community, which is a fantastic concept! Proceeds from the Mile of Music Festival will be split into two different funds:

  1. Mile of Music Education Fund,  helping provide more music opportunities within the Appleton public schools.
  2. Creative Downtown Fund, raise money for projects in the Downtown Appleton area. Both funds are for great causes and will most definitely help better the community!

There are three types of artists; Headline, Feature, and Showcase.

The headline artists are more well-known and tickets are required for these performances.

The feature artists are upcoming artists and these performances also require tickets.

Lastly, the showcase artists are upcoming artists from around the country and no ticket is required for these performances.

College Avenue is the perfect location to host such an event, everything is in one place; food, shopping and of course, all of the music taking place up and down the road.  The venues that will be showcased in Appleton’s downtown district are: The Stansbury Theater on Lawrence’s campus, the newly renovated Houdini Plaza, Spat’s, Copper Rock Coffee, Harmony Cafe, The Stone Cellar, Mill Creek, Anduzzi’s,  The Mad Hatter, Luna, and Jim’s Place, as well as many outdoor stages along College Avenue.

This will be the first ever Mile of Music Festival and it’s sure to be entertaining. The music, the food, and the people will make this one unique and extraordinary experience that you do not want to miss!

For more information on The Mile of Music Festival, please click here!

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