Events Center & Pool

Latitude 44 is a unique housing complex, it’s a combination of a townhouse-style living but in an apartment community, it’s the best of both worlds. This is a growing complex, and now that there are several buildings completed and occupied by residents, it’s time to add some new amenities to the L44 community.

Construction has begun on the L44 Event Center and community pool, which will be located across from building #3. Below are pictures of what the event center and pool will look like.

Latitude-44-Pool-and-Event-Center_1-300x200 Latitude-44-Pool-and-Event-Center_2-300x200

The complex will also be adding a playground area for the kids, making it a great kid friendly environment! Below are some pictures of what the playground will look like when it is completed.playgroundplayground1


As you can see, it’s a busy time in the L44 community. Several new amenities are coming soon, so stick around to watch the community grow!

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