Construction Update

Despite all the snow we have received this year, winter is not slowing down the progress at Latitude 44. Building #3 is almost complete and tenants are expected to move in on April 1.

Building #4 should be starting construction within a month. This building will have 8 units, with the two end units set up as ranch floor plans. The fourth building will have two 2-bedroom units and six 3-bedroom units.

Construction on the Event Center is scheduled to begin this month as well. The Event Center will include a fitness room, lounge area, and a L44 office, where tenants will eventually pay their rent. Construction on other amenities like the playground and pool is also expected to begin sometime this spring.

Latitude 44 is a Cypress Homes development.

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2 thoughts on “Construction Update

    • We expect Building #4 to be finished by mid-summer. There is no waiting list right now. We have six 3-bedroom units available.