Kangaroostaurant – Cookery on Wheels!

Appleton is a great place to live and anyone who lives here will tell you just that. What makes Appleton great are the diverse attractions that are within minutes of each other. There is always something different happening and Latitude 44 being on Appleton’s north side, is becoming part of all the action. It is these unique shops and small businesses in the surrounding the area that make Appleton such a great place to call home. One of the most unique attractions that Appleton is home to is the Kangaroostaurant!

The Kangaroostaurant is a cookery on wheels. It travels around Appleton serving up all types of delicious food out of its mobile kitchen. The summer of 2011 was the Kangaroostaurant’s first appearance on the streets of Appleton and it has been serving up delicious, hot, and inexpensive food ever since. Many challenges had to be over come by the owners to even get this rig off the ground but it is a great feature to have roaming around the streets of the greater Appleton area.

The Kangaroostaurant is a local attraction that the residents of the Appleton area have fallen in love with. Great food, great people, and great service! The ever changing menu is just one of the great features of the Kangaroostaurant. The weeks’ menu and schedule can be found on the website: kangaroostaraunt.com. One of the reasons that the menu is ever changing is the fact that the Kangaroostaurant supports local farmers and growers to insure the freshest ingredients and try to help support other small businesses like themselves. Their local suppliers include: Red Barn Family Farms,Olden Produce, Carlena Farms , Venneford Farm Country Meats , Renard’s European Bakeshop, Arthur Bay Cheese Company, Jimmy J’s Razor Back Rib Sauce, Trust Local Foods, Rustic Kitchens , and Nami Moon Farms.

The Kangaroostaurant also buys a bulk of its ingredients from the Appleton Farmers Market. The Kangaroostaurant is a great local attraction that is proud to call Appleton home. Plans are in store to expand by setting up a larger home base with a sit in restaurant serving up the great dishes that the mobile unit has been doing for the past year!
Now is the time to reserve your new home at Latitude 44 Apartments in North Appleton! It is these special attractions that make Appleton such a strong community and a great place to live and Latitude 44 is happy to become part of such a great community. So keep your eye open and check the schedule to see when the Kangaroostaurant will make a stop near you!

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